Moulson Process Plant

Solvent Recovery

The company's engineers have extensive knowledge in the field of distillation, and in particular high performance distillation. This has been utilised to supply skid mounted solvent recovery packages.

With environmental laws and public opinion changing, along with the increasing cost of waste disposal or offsite processing, many of our clients have benefited both operationally and financially from the aquisition of a solvent recovery unit designed specifically for their needs. The units are designed using rigorous computer simulation methods, with data generated from laboratory test work if it is not available in the literature. The package is supplied complete with integral pipework, steelwork, field instrumentation and wiring, and control equipment where required. It is engineered into your plant with minimal disruption and the recovered materials recycled for re-use.

By recovering the materials for re-use the costs of waste disposal and tax are avoided along with the cost of replacing the raw material. Clients have seen substantial cost advantages from these processes, with the added advantage of being in full control of the operation and quality of product.

The units can be purchased for a fixed price capital cost, or leased on a long term basis if capital investment is not desirable.

If you have any waste streams which you think may be recoverable, contact us and we will be pleased to discuss the possibilities with you.