Moulson Process Plant

Our projects

The Moulson team has provided process design and project management services to many clients over the years.

The range of plants designed and installed has varied widely, however a good proportion have been in the areas of distillation, solvent drying, batch reaction and azeotropic distillation.

More recently, this experience and expertise has been used to explore newer technologies, with our engineers involved in projects to investigate the feasibility of processes to produce various alternative fuels, and also in processes to re-refine waste oil and alternative methods for the treatment of municipal waste and its by-products.

This work has now started to result in projects to design and project manage the installation of plants, including a manufacturing facility for bio-diesel and a re-refinery for waste oil.

Methanol Recovery Plant - UK
Industrial Scale Biodiesel Plant - UK
Waste Oil Rerefinery - UK
Fluid Bed Dryer - Nigeria
Energy through Pyrolysis of waste
Biocide Plant
Esters Plant
Grain distillery extension
Solvent recycling and recovery facility