Solvent recycling and recovery facility

Moulson Process Plant

Moulson Process Plant

Moulson Process Plant

Moulson supplied a fully integrated skid to the solvent recycling and recovery facility at the Veolia site in Garston, UK.

The process is based around a steam heated thin film evaporator which separates the recoverable and reusable solvent from the contaminants. The solvent is evaporated and recovered in the overhead condenser from where it is pumped to storage.

The contaminants are concentrated as residues, leaving the thin film evaporator from the base and also pumped to storage for use as fuel in cement kilns etc.

The plant can be run at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum to give as full a range of operating conditions as possible.

Moulson provided a full service from conceptual design and flow-sheeting, through to detailed design and engineering of the skidded process. The skid was fabricated and fully fitted out with equipment, pipework, instrumentation, etc prior to shipping to site.

Due to time constraints imposed by Veolia’s project schedule, the wiring of the instrumentation and insulation was completed on site once the skid had been put in position.

Moulson also supplied all the control hardware and software for the skid process and also for the associated tank farm, so that the plant could be fully integrated.

Moulson then assisted in the commissioning of the plant, and testing on various waste feed streams to determine optimum operating conditions.