Grain distillery extension

Moulson Process Plant

Moulson Process Plant

Moulson were employed to undertake the design, engineering, procurement, project management, site supervision, supply of documentation, and supervision of commissioning of an extension to the grain distillery in Scotland.

The work involved installing addition washbacks, a wash charger, the grain distillation plant and additional spirit storage tanks. The mash plant was also upgraded, as was the site cooling water.

The new washbacks were installed complete with pumps and heat exchangers, and a pipebridge and walkway to connect the washbacks to the existing plant. A wash charger was installed to take the fermented wash from the washbacks and provide a continuous feed of wash to the distillation plant.

The distillation plant was installed next to an existing plant, which was kept running throughout the entire project. The new plant included all ancillary equipment required.

Additional spirit storage tanks were added to the existing tank farm, to satisfy the new capacity.

An upgrade was made to the mash plant, to increase the capacity to feed the new washbacks, and other improvements were made to increase yields.

The existing cooling water system was upgraded to allow for the additional plant capacity. This required removal of the existing cooling towers and installation of a new set of cooling towers and a larger capacity sump. All this was done utilising the existing plant shutdowns, and so not impacting production.