Fluid Bed Dryer - Nigeria

Moulson Process Plant

Moulson Process Plant

Arthur White Dryers were awarded the contract to provide a fluid bed dryer for use in a bulk pharmceutical manufacturing facility in Nigeria.

Moulson Process Plant provided draughting, procurement and project management services to Arthur White Dryers in order to produce a state-of-the-art plc controlled unit.

The dryer has a 560 litre maximum batch capacity. It is of modular construction comprising a service unit and a drying unit. The service unit provides inlet air filtration prior to a steam heater battery, fan and air flow control valve. It houses the electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, which are controlled via a plc unit within the control panel. The drying unit consists of a plenum with hydraulic jacking system, material container with integral trolley, fluidising section and filter chamber.

The services provided by Moulson allowed the unit to be delivered on time and within budget.