Methanol Recovery Plant - UK

Moulson Process Plant

The solvent recovery plant processes a stream of aqueous methanol containing organic and inorganic impurities. The feed flowrate is 1000kg/h

Moulson supplied a fully assembled skid unit, consisting of a wiped film evaporator, continuous distillation column containing high performance structured packing, condenser, reboiler, reflux system, heat exchangers, etc. The skid was supplied fully piped up, with field instruments and actuated valves wired to a local junction box.

The wiped film evaporator allowed the impurities to be removed from the feed in a small concentrated stream, prior to the distillation step which separated the methanol from the water. The methanol was returned to the main process for re-use at a purity of >98%, and the water was also recycled to the process with a methanol content of <0.1%.

Moulson also supplied the control system for the process, which was integrated into the main process control facility for ease of operation.