Moulson Process Plant

Process Plant Supply

Our engineers' expertise and experience in the areas of process design and engineering gathered over many years in the industry, have led us to provide a complete design and build service for process plants and unit operations.

We can supply, for example, continuous distillation plants for solvent recovery or product separation, batch reaction plants, and drying and blending plants. We can also supply plants for more complex operations such as azeotropic distillation using entrainment for example.

We will conduct laboratory or pilot scale test work if necessary to provide the data required to design the plant and associated equipment.

The plant will be supplied complete with pipework, steelwork, field instrumentation, control equipment etc, as required, and can be skid mounted or field erected.

The plants will usually be supplied on a fixed fee reimbursible contract basis, however where process details are fully defined or the plant involves Moulson's special expertise, design and build lump sum contracts are offered.

Our distillation plant designs have accommodated such problems as:

- High number of theoretical stages
- Low absolute pressures
- High temperatures
- Azeotropic mixtures
- Contaminated mixtures