Moulson Process Plant

Process Plant Design

One of the strengths of the company is its expertise, knowledge and flair in the area of initial process design.

Based on a minimum of information we will work with our clients to provide a suitable, workable, economical process design, which will then form the basis for the next stage of the project.

This may be in the area of distillation plant design, but also in many other fields of chemical and process plant engineering.

  • Development of P+IDs
  • Feasibility studies and pilot plant trials
  • Mass / heat balances
  • Process simulation
  • Design/optimisation of main plant items
  • HAZOP reviews
  • Supply of information for IPPC application
  • Development of control strategy Layout / Arrangement drawings

Where data is not available in the literature to allow rigorous designs to be done (eg VLE data for distillation plant design), we can use our pilot plant to gather data or use "short-cut" design methods to size equipment - depending on the purpose of the design - Budgetary, feasibility or final design.