Moulson Process Plant


Our engineers have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of distillation. This has resulted in the design and construction of many successful distillation plants by Moulson.

Process design of batch or continuous distillation plants, including the integral ancillary equipment such as reboilers and condensers, is carried out using up to date shortcut and rigorous stage by stage computer calculation methods. Moulson Process Plant Ltd can offer solutions to binary or multi-component separation duties. This will also include offering proposals for the control strategy for the plant.

We also offer a consultancy service to review the operation of existing distillation processes - whether this is with a view to increasing capacity, solving operational problems or changing the feed stream that the equipment is to process. We will visit your site and observe the equipment and its operation, then produce a modelled simulation of your process which will then allow us to make appropriate recommendations for modifications to the equipment or operating conditions.

In the area of speciality chemicals, where many of our customers operate, our knowledge of more sophisticated unit operations, such as extractive, azeotropic or reactive distillation has proved invaluable in designing and installing distillation equipment to perform otherwise near impossible separations.

We have the expertise and rating programmes to design distillation columns using various types of packing and internals - for example structured packing, random packing, valve or sieve trays.